Get A Quote

Step one Get a raw Quote for your convenience we have 3 easy options:

Fill out our online form for Free Online Estimate, if you have some kind of drawings you can attached them too . Put as much as you can information about your project. If something will be not clear our representative will call or email you with any questions. Come in for a visit with a layout or just a simple drawing with measurements so that we can price out your project. Because our clients usually have no idea what stone they are interested in at this stage of the process, we will base your quote with an average price-ranged stone. Fax over a layout or email with measurements of your project. Please provide us with as much information as you can, regarding your project. This includes: layout and measurements, granite color or group, edge, personal information including the job address, contact information, and any other details that will help us determine the quote of the job . You can use too our Estimate Form and fax it (630-313-9491) or email it ( Here you will find an example of kitchen countertop drawing.

Selecting Your Material

Step two Selecting your material.

We strongly suggest that you choose your slab(s) in person. We have a small stock of slabs in-house (numerous remnants for vanities and mostly classic colors in full size slabs) but for most jobs, we recommend that our clients visit a granite stockyard. We will provide you with a address of our granite supplies with whom we have established a relationship. This will allow you the opportunity to personally see your slab(s). We suggest that before making a final selection on natural stone, that you be prepared to accept its earthly beauty along with its natural variance. You can ask the supplier to tag a specific slab(s), assuming you find one like, and this will assure that you get exactly what you wanted. Please note, these suppliers will not provide you with material prices, but we will gladly give you a list of colors and their approximate prices in advance of your visit. Once your selection is made, we will contact the supplier to arrange for delivery to our shop.

Place Your Order

Step three Place an Order.

A 50% deposit is required to move forward with the job and do a template. The final price will be calculated based on the measurements taken on the jobsite. We will also verify the stone and the edge selected. In order to do a template and the installation the following need to be complete in your home: Cabinets need to be installed. The sink needs to be on location so that we may take it back to the shop and use it as a template for the sink cutout. We will give you exact date when your new countertops will be installed (usually it’s 5 days after placing a deposit) . We will give you window what time our crew will arrive . Exact time we will be able to give you on day of the installation (sometimes day before).


Step four Installation.

We will install the countertop and drill the faucet holes and attach the sink. Installation usually takes around 4-7 hours. If you have a current countertop on your cabinets,we will removed it. We will not dispose old countertops or specialize in plumbing or electricity. After we finish the job we require the remaining payment.