Chicago Stone Source & Remodeling provides drywall installation, repair and finishing. Standard process requires a solid frame work to install drywall, usually either Wood Framing or Steel Framing. Once the framing has been constructed, drywall can be installed and plastered. The final step in the process is to finish the drywall with either paint, wallpaper or installing tile for bathrooms.

Let CSS handle all your drywall installation

Drywall, often called gypsum, wallboard or plasterboard, is made of a crumbly fire resistant substance called gypsum. It is wrapped in a thick paper coating, is durable and easily cut, trimmed and repaired. Drywall can be used to cover conventional bare stud walls or damaged lath and plaster walls. Because of its unique construction, drywall can be cut, sawed, drilled, bent, nailed, glued, screwed, painted on and papered over. For cutting around electrical boxes use a keyhole saw. Just punch the tip through the drywall and cut along each side. You can also use a power jig saw for these cuts. Standard drywall comes in varied thickness–quarter inch, three eighths inches, half inch and five eighths inch material. Thinner drywall offers the advantages of being lightweight and easy to manage. Thick drywall is stiffer and tends to go up flatter. The most commonly used drywall is 3/8 inches and 5/8 inches thick. 123 Remodeling can check local code for specific requirements of your area. The standard panel is 4 x 8 feet, although 10′ and 12′ panels are available.